Shoot Info

Red Rock Bowmen host a 3D shoot at our Archery Range once a month with a few exceptions.


Shooters of ALL LEVELS are always welcome and encouraged to come. Even if you are not a seasoned target or competitive shooter, and you just consider yourself a “bowhunter” there is no better practice than coming and shooting at our 3-D targets.


With the generous help of SFW Dixie Wildlife Chapter and the Southern Utah Shooting Sports Parks and other donors we have a wide range of 3D Rinehart targets. That includes everything from skunks, caribou, jackalope, leopard, alligator, whitetail deer,elk,red stag and mule deer that will give the most seasoned of hunters buck fever and many others… So come and have a shooting experience you will be sure to enjoy!!


Some of the different style or types of shoots that we have done and you may experience are: regular unmarked, marked yardage, Redding style, and mixed marked/unmarked-this is where we set the targets up into clusters with 2-4 targets at each shooting station and the flag will have the yardage marked on some targets and then you guess the rest.


We are always striving for new ways to make our shoots enjoyable, exciting and new!!!


We look forward to seeing you at the shoots!!!

2021 Calendar
Jan        -    Meeting  and Shoot
Feb       -     President's Day
Mar       -     St. Patrick's Day

Apr       -     Easter Shoot
Oct        -     3D  Club  Shot
Nov       -    Turkey Shoot
Dec        -    Charity Shoot